The Weingut Dürnberg needs (much!) more space…



The Weingut Dürnberg has developed very well in recent years. Since 2008, the revenue could be established as a top producer of the Weinviertel eight-fold and recognition (see nebenstehender chart). With this considerable increase in sales we’ve found now in terms of space at the limits of our capacity. For several years, we have hired additional land in the area to accommodate our fleet of agricultural equipment, as well as finished bottled wines. This separation is connected not only with cost, but also a significant reduction of efficiency in operation. To successful business to be able in the coming years, a significant expansion of our production areas is inevitable and essential also for backup and further improvement of the quality of the wine. With great enthusiasm we have decided therefore, to take the expansion in attack and to pave the way for a further successful development of our winery.

Weingut Dürnberg


Turnover development (in euro) 2008 to 2016


Already early 2016, we hired two architects specializing in vineyards with the creation of designs. After decision for the firm is like. Arch. Thomas Tauber from Krems, we have then completed the planning and 2016 received the required building permit after building negotiations in September shortly before Christmas. After the tender of the project carried out in the first months of this year, we want to realize the expansion phase I still in the current year and plan a start of construction at the latest beginning July 2017.

Project data:

Extension and expansion in 2 sections extension to a total of approx. 1,700 m2

realization: I in the year 2017, section II in the years 2018/2019 section I: winemaking, pallet storage, Office, social spaces, tasting room, Maschienenhalle

section II: winemaking, Expedit (warehouse), barrel cellar costs (including wine and agricultural engineering), after (estimated)


section I: approx. euro 1.400.000,–

section II: approx. euro 600.000,–financing: Bank credit, as well as a crowd financing model of the “friends of Dürnberg”

“Friends of Dürnberg”


Crowd Financing Modell

About the “Friends of Dürnberg” crowd financing we are looking for model 100 individuals who accompany the Weingut Dürnberg in the expansion of its facility with a subordinated loan (5 year term) in the amount of $ 5,000 each. Legal form: Subordinated loan borrowers: Dürnberg fine wine GmbH period: 5 years interest rate: 2.5% p.a.. Loan amount: EUR 5,000 per person friends of Dürnberg is an exclusive circle of friends and wine lovers, that with help and advice to the side stand us as a “Brand Ambassador” of the vineyard and promote further development together with us. Annual fixed date of friends of Dürnberg is an open standing only this exclusive vintage tasting at the winery: white-covered tables in the vineyards, live music, great food and the best of Dürnberg BB´s cellar… a meeting by and with friends to an early summer getaway that is each of our friends in memory…

An open Word among friends

The here presented expansion plans require an important investment that we can implement only through the absorption of foreign capital. The crowd financing model “Friends of Dürnberg” helps us to identify an equity necessary for the credit to banks. By the subordination of the loan, this is “quasi equity” and by the final maturity after 5 years we can keep also our ongoing burden of loan repayment for the first years in a commercially reasonable. To the maturity of the loan in the year 2022 we will have wiped a bank liabilities existing large part currently or borrowing another according to the required already ongoing repayments, so that we at this time – if necessary – for the repayment of the loan can represent resources through an increase in the then still outstanding loans. We go into our planning of further sales growth the past development, as well as the very positive development in the first months of the year 2017 (sales growth 1 quarter of 2017 compared to previous year: 41%) make this seem plausible. We are convinced to set the course for another very positive development with the forthcoming expansion of the winery. We are also in the next years produce excellent wine and be economically successful; We are therefore convinced that a “friend of Dürnberg” will regret his commitment. We do not hide the fact but – despite all Optimus – that our crowd financing is not without risk; as we are also and to a considerable extent by the nature and weather conditions; Frost, hail, pests and other unpredictable events of nature, as well as other factors, can negatively affect our continued development and endanger thus the timely repayment of the loan.

The information contained on this site are not to be understood as an invitation to give a subordinated loan of Dürnberg fine wine GmbH. The granting of a loan can be done solely on the basis of the information sheet prepared in accordance with the provisions of the alternative financing law (AltFG) and the Alternativfinanzierungs information Ordinance (AltF-InfoV) and audited by a chartered accountant, as well as the current year financial statements (2016) the Dürnberg fine wine GmbH. If you are interested please contact please call or email us!


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Information sheet
Year-end 2016
Loan agreement

Status Quo: current operating


Winery, built approx. 660 m2 total area on 2 floors in 1997


Visualization of the planned expansion


Architects like. Arch. Thomas Tauber,


extension approx. 1,700 m2, processing surface, barrel cellar, storage, Office, shipping tasting room