Project label design




The wine lover looking for today authentic wines with special origin, which is reflected in the wine. The landscape, the people behind the wine, the passion in the vineyard and cellar… You can feel all that indirectly, if you drink a glass of wine! We have presented our winery to young artists of class for ideas in graphics and advertising the University of applied arts, and they asked their ideas to prepare all this in their representational language for a series of special bottle labels.

After an excursion to Falkenstein have 12 teams of young design students engaged several weeks this task and let their creativity run free… A small final event at Palais Schönborn presented the works of the students of the public. Also an audience prize was awarded in addition to a prize of the jury, and the guests could convince 2016 at a wine tasting of the quality of our wines of the vintage.

We “Dürnberger” have enjoyed the time with the young creative, were impressed by their enthusiasm and are enthusiastic about the work! We are pleased if you take a few minutes and look at the result; they are can understand our joy with great security!

Last not least, we want to commend also the winners accordingly:

Prize of the jury:

Alexandra Dzhiganskaya & Tessa Sima

Work # 6

Audience award:

Katharina poppy & Max lace-ups & Christoph Schütz

Work # 10

The work: